About Me.

I made this blog in an attempt to write my story, maybe to help others going through the same situation or are facing hard times with their chronic illness.

Not all chronic illnesses present themselves the same way, but friendship can be made sharing stories and hard times, and sharing knowledge on how one could get through the day-to-day living whilst suffering with their illness.

I have a varied background. leaving school at 16 I went off to Tech college to study hairdressing for 4 years. Maintained a job in a salon as a senior stylist, to which I then lost the passion for.
Moving back to my parents in August 2014, I got another job as a carer for the elderly in a care home which I loved.

Fast forward to June 2015, I met my now husband Darren. Quick talks decided I would relocate to Bournemouth to be with him, to which I did on Boxing Day 2015. I became a carer in another care home for 18 months and then took another job caring closer to home.

March 2017 presented my illness worsening, I couldn’t do the job I loved anymore. Long hours, physically demanding as well as mentally draining. I left that job and started the one I am in now.

May 2017, I got married! Thankfully, my Crohns behaved itself so I could say my vows and enjoy the reception. It was the most amazing day of my life! My cheeks still hurt from the constant smiling and laughing from the day!

December 2017, I now work office hours monday to friday in private medical insurance. I never would have seen myself in an office based role as I have always worked directly face to face with the public, but I haven’t looked back.

This meant my health has slightly stabilised. I’m happier.

That brings us to now. New Years Eve 2017. The year I thought I had lost a lot, but then also gained a lot. A great job, a fantastic husband, and a new home.

Heres to 2018.

Words by Jack Sawyer


3 thoughts on “About Me.”

  1. Jack this such an exciting opportunity for you to write your story and not only remind yourself of how far you’ve come, but also to demonstrate how unbelievably strong you continue to be in the face of continuing pain and discomfort. You’ve never been one to let it get you down for long, so writing and sharing about it will doubtless help lots of others facing a similar journey. Keep doing you, and I really look forward to reading how you continue to kick Crohn’s in the ass in the future xxx

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  2. To anyone who reads these comments then I can tell you all that my husband is the bravest person I’ve ever known. People send him their love and best wishes for a speedy recovery but nobody really understands what it actually does to him, not even me. But I see the pain in his face and the tears in his eyes. I’m the one who sees him rolling around the bed in agony, or spending almost an hour in the bathroom because he is in so much pain. I’m the one who sits with him for hours on end in the emergency department, waiting to be seen on a Friday night, but theirs a 6 hour wait because it can sometimes be full of stupid people who have had to much to drink. I’m willing to do that for my husband because I love him, in sickness and in health I remember saying, so I’m here to stay, and unfortunately so is this horrible disease. I’m here to support my husband and to tell you all that crohns is a very serious illness, and it’s an illness that has completely changed my husbands life, and mine.


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