Raising awareness

Since making this blog, I have felt I could always do more to help raise awareness about IBD. I sat and pondered about it for a while, wondering what it is I could do to get the word out there and try to make a difference in the process.

I wanted to do something that was out of the blue, completely random for me, and something which would really push my limits, both physically and mentally.

I’m going to run the Bournemouth Half Marathon in October 2018.

I’m not a runner, I’m not a fitness guru, the most exercise I do is to the car and back. So I have committed myself to run 21km in 6 months time.

I started training a couple of days ago, and today I managed to run 3.44km in 27mins.


Now for someone who doesn’t run, I didn’t think that was too bad. I am aiming to be able to run 5km non stop by the end of April, and then 10km by the end of May.

Its going to be a huge challenge for me, especially with my health. I don’t want to let myself get too tired or stressed incase I have a flare, but I am SO determined to do this!

The thought of running has always made me want to vomit, but the rush and thrill it gives me when I am running is insane! I never thought I would be so happy when hearing my feet pounding the concrete to the beat of some up to date song which I have no idea who is singing it, or what it’s called for that matter.

I will be making a new page for my half marathon training, in aid for Crohn’s and Colitis UK, and I will be making weekly blogs, and maybe even vlogs (check me out, down with the kids) to show everyone my progress.

Anyway, if you’d like to read my fundraising story further, and of course you can donate. Head over to my fundraising page here.

See you all soon!





Author: SawyerEsq.

25. IBD Warrior.

9 thoughts on “Raising awareness”

      1. Youre welcome 🙂 you’ve probably got no idea who I am through this lol but I can vouch for how much you used to hate exercise, I’ve been with you enough times climbing the stairs to our flats in the past to know you hated it lol so you’re doing well already! X


      2. 😂 Amy, I lived opposite you and you came to Censo with me a few times, we stayed at my friends Seans flat one night n got woken up by a noisy brass band outside…hope that’s enough to jog ya memory! X


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