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remission meme

My husband and I saw my consultant last Thursday, and we were going over all of my blood results, MRI scans and most recent colonoscopy. Everything has shown that since I have been on my Infliximab infusions, it has reduced the thickening in my small intestine. There are no signs of active disease. I am in remission! I have no active disease! *Insert massive smiley face here*

After being in pain and no medication working since November 2016, it has finally started working! Not something I was expecting to hear when I saw my consultant last week! He has now set my infusions to be every 8 weeks instead of every 6, result!! It seems the Infliximab is doing its job, finally. Although, I have abdominal pain now and then, which could be my brain telling me absolute lies! It should go eventually.

My consultant spoke about how to manage symptoms for the long term.We spoke about various different things we could do to try to stop symptoms before they arise. He decided that he would refer me to a dietician to talk through following the FODMAP diet. I’ll give it a go! Mind you, I don’t know how well I’ll do!

For now, I just have to hope and pray that my Crohn’s doesn’t rear his ugly head. Yes, I call my Crohn’s a he, I had to give him a personality to hate him. Dont judge me.

I could be in remission for days, months, or years. I’m just going to enjoy this while I can.

I also have an operation date! I say operation, I’m having an investigation under general anesthetic. They’re doing this to get a better look as to whats going on, and to see if they can do anything to carry on improving my symptoms. It was originally booked in for the beginning of April, but due to unknown reasons, it’s been pushed to May. Not ages away, but far enough away to make me grumble. Hey ho.

Looking forward to only having my infusions every 8 weeks! Give my veins an extra 2 weeks rest in between!

I’ll admit, in November 2016, I never thought I would hear the words, “You have no active disease”. Those words could not have come soon enough! I’ve never felt a rush like it before!

So there is my update, my next consultation with my gastro consultant is in July. So hopefully there will be even better news to be had then!

Peace out, stay fabulous!


Jack x


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25. IBD Warrior.

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