Another month, another consultant.

It’s a hard life playing Game of Crohn’s.

game of crohns

Yesterday saw me back at the hospital. This time, seeing a different consultant.

I’ve been under the care of my gastroenterologist since November 2016, and I really cannot fault him. Even though I am looking for answers here and now, he does do his best to eliminate every option before even considering something drastic.

I had to see a colorectal surgeon for the first time yesterday. For some reason, I have been constantly loosing blood for around 6 months and no one seemed to know why. The NHS being the way it is, it took 6 months for me to get an appointment, but there we are. If only my medical insurance would cover me!

I turn up to my appointment, and I sit there in his office for a good half an hour. When he finally comes in to see me, he has to apologise because it had taken him that long to read through all of my notes, referral letters and discharge summaries.

We talk, he asks me what is bothering me, how long I have had the problem etc. Then comes the bit everyone dreads, the examination. I’m going to spare your eyes from the details, but let me assure you, it was not comfortable.

After the examination and after I have gotten myself back together, he concludes, “Well, I can’t see what the problem is…


Yet again, we are back to square one. Where do we go from here? Do I just carry on and pretend nothing is happening?

He said he could give me a general anaesthetic, have a further examination and maybe some kind of minimally invasive surgical procedure, but he may not be able to do anything anyway. I may just have to live with it. Plus, he said if he did do any kind of surgical procedure, it could cause me a hell of a lot of problems later on in life.

Crossroads. Do I agree to be put under and risk it being for nothing? Do I accept the fact I am just going to have to live with it? Do I persist something needs to be done about it so I can start living life the way a 24-year-old should?

I don’t know. I just dont know.

It took so many years for me to finally get a diagnosis, now it just seems like it is taking forever to effectively treat the problems I have.

Anyway, that’s where I am. At a crossroads not knowing which road to go down, yet again.

On the bright side, 01268297655 passed probation at work, so theres a plus!

Peace out! xoxo


Author: SawyerEsq.

25. IBD Warrior.

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