Another ambulance, another visit to A&E

When you’re on treatment, you hope for the best. You hope that this is going to be the one thing that works and will start making you feel better. It did for a while, now, not so much.

I’ve been on Infliximab since November 2016, and on Thursday night, I was taken into hospital with horrendous upper abdominal pain.

I have had this pain on and off for ages. I had an endoscopy about a month ago and they discovered I had a hiatus hernia which was causing me to have acid reflux, which was then causing this pain.

Anyway, I was taken into hospital via ambulance, bloods, x-rays etc were all done. It came back to show that my amylase levels were through the roof. I had pancreatitis, again! I first has this in November 2016 when I was put on Azathioprine to treat the Crohn’s Disease.

The consultant finally came to see me, and he said the Infliximab has caused the pancreatitis, and he will be talking with my consultant to see what else can be done.


I was in hospital until about an hour ago, pumped full of saline and pain killers, because with pancreatitis, that is all you can do. Unless its gallstones, then they whip them out.


My consultant is going to hopefully bring my consultation forward to discuss a change in treatment. Then I can hopefully start living my life a bit more.

2 nights in hospital is more than enough, dealing with the snoring, constant babble of nursing staff, BP machines going off, being woken up by my drip cause the saline needs replacing.

I’m glad to be home. Until the next time…


Words by Jack Sawyer


Author: SawyerEsq.

25. IBD Warrior.

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