“You’re too young to be ill!”


I remember having a conversation with someone about a recent hospital admission I had. The response I get?

How old are you? You’re way too young to be ill!

Since when did age come into the equation? I didn’t realise chronic conditions waited until someone reached a certain age before they descended. Like a depressing ‘coming of age’ party.

When that is said, what I’m really hearing is, “Your pain doesn’t count.”

Chronic illness does not discriminate.

It can strike anyone at anytime. But I do wonder, would you have said that to a child suffering with cancer? Or diabetes? Even the other end of the spectrum, would you say to someone say, in their 90’s, you’re too old to be alive? Different statement, same level of ignorance, no?

IF you feel the need to comment on my age in relation to chronic illness, or anyone elses age in fact, stop. Just stop and think. Do you not think we know all of this. Do you not think that as a 24-year-old I would love to be perfectly healthy without having to worry every single day whether I’m going to be in pain or not?

Ignorance is not always bliss.

ignorance crohns

Words by Jack Sawyer


Author: SawyerEsq.

25. IBD Warrior.

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